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First name : Adrienne ; Igor
Last name : Lee ; Grdakovic
Age : 31; 31
Nationality : Irish ; Croatian



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Home phone : 00353868065929
Mobile phone : /
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E-mail :
Adress : Pike Lodge
Postal Code : Kerry Pike
City : Co. Cork
Country : Ireland



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Housekeeper ; Groundskeeper/handyman

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Adrienne: I have huge experience in Housekeeping & cleaning and I have also worked with horses.  For the last 7 years or so I have been working in sales throughout Ireland covering the electricity deregulation market and also in the fundraising sector.  I am an extremly loyal and hardworker.  I love to be moving around and busy for me there is nothing worse than inactivity.  I received an A in honours French in my secondary school and I feel that I will have no problems remembering and relearing the language.
I am looking for full time long term employment as a housekeeper as I have found the attitude to life in Ireland has become very selfish and too fast moving for my liking.  I feel that there is very little room for traditional values in modern Ireland.

Igor: I have over 4 years experience in landscaping and in the construction industry.  I am a very hard worker and able to use my initiative when required.  I too have found the life in Ireland is lacking in the traditional values that first attracted me too the country.  I have carpentry skills, building skills, landscaping skills and general maintenance skills.
Obviously as Adrienne and I are married I too am looking for a full time longterm position.  I am a natural linguist and feel that there will be no problems in adapting to the French language.

We have been married for almost 3 years this coming April.  As a couple we are very commited to each other and our future.  We are both very loyal and hardworking and would truly love to find a good position in France where we both, due to our families histories, feel as if we belong (as we are both of French descent).

References can be provided on request. Contact would be preferred by telephone as we only check our email once a week.